Now Playing: Burn:Cycle (1994)

After The Last Dynasty left such a bad taste in my mouth (shut up), I felt that I needed to balance things out by playing another obscure Windows 3.1 game, but this time a good one. At least that’s what I hoped. I had never played this one before now either. Always wanted to, but it just never came up. My PC wasn’t cool enough to handle it back in the day and the only other system it was ever on was CD-i and who the fuck had a CD-i?

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Now Playing: The Last Dynasty (1994)

Site is still nowhere near ready, a proper site name, domain, and some other little design changes will be coming soon, but just going to throw this out there now anyway because it’s on my mind and that’s the whole point isn’t it?


So let’s see…The Last Dynasty. A combination space combat sim/fmv adventure game. Doesn’t that sound amazing? (Well it did to me!) The first thing you will notice about this game upon going to install it is that it will ONLY run on Windows 3.1. Being a classic PC nut I have a virtual drive with Win 3.1 on it for just such an occasion, so no big deal there.

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