Now Playing: Resident Evil (2015)

Oh Resident Evil. How many times have I bought (or, well…probably “obtained” in most past cases.) this same game already? Let’s see…twice for Playstation 1 (I believe I sold my original copy then got the Director’s Cut again later), then the remake for Gamecube, then there was the DS version, then the Wii re-release of the Gamecube version, aaaaand now the Xbox One remastered re-release of the Gamecube version. Sounds a little crazy when you say it out loud I suppose, but dammit I can’t get enough of these games! Or…can I?

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Now Playing: Bloodnet (1993)

DOSBox 2015-02-05 22-01-46-330

Bloodnet is a game about a Gibson-esque cyberpunk city, with a little bit of a vampire problem, that can best be described as a combination of a point and click adventure and an rpg. Your main character is Ransom Stark; a hacker/mercenary/whatever who takes the wrong job and ends up being bamboozled by Draculas who want your friend’s special Incubus program. The only thing keeping you from turning into one yourself is your trusty neural implant, but it can only hold the infection off for so long so you’d better hurry up and find a way to foil the plans of the head vampire, oddly named Van Helsing, and find a cure somehow, which also somehow requires the previously mentioned Incubus program.

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Now Reading: Fantastic Four (1981-2015)


In other words, I just finished reading an assload of Fantastic Four. Not quite literally every Fantastic Four comics from 1981-2015, but all the ones worth reading in that period at least. I mean it’s not like I went back and read the DeFalco run or anything crazy like that (fist bump to the 2 people that get that)! In fact, I’m just going to gloss over all the less than impressive areas that I did read and just talk about the very best runs, starting with…

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