Now Playing: DeadCore (2014)

DeadCore is a Portal-type first person physics puzzle game, the likes of which we have all seen many times by now. The twist with this one is that it plays like a twitch shooter, requiring fast reflexes and high precision movement and aiming. It kind of reminded me of some of the crazier levels of the old Unreal Tournament games.

Your main (and only) “weapon” is the Switch Gun, which simply turns things on and off, but in most cases it’s only temporary. You will need to quickly activate/deactivate devices such as moving platforms and jump pads and stun enemies, and with only limited ammo until you reach another checkpoint so every shot and every second counts.


There aren’t very many enemies. Mostly it’s about the crazy jumping, double jumping, dashing, and puzzle solving (and later, gravity manipulation too). This is very fast paced and pretty challenging, though I wouldn’t call it unfairly or frustratingly so (except for some sadistic bits in the end).


The Tron-like environments are pretty nice looking and the music is decent enough. There is no story to speak of, just non-stop jumping and puzzling.


It’s only 4 hours long (but only $10, so that’s not a bad deal) and I plowed through it in one day so really, there’s not a whole lot else to say about it. I’ll just let these videos speak for themselves. You will either be interested or avoid all that nasty jumping like the plague.


Personally, I had a lot of fun with it for the short time it lasted and I’d recommend it for those who want to challenge their fps reflexes. I give it 4 extremely un-companion-like cubes out of 5.


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