Now Playing: Resident Evil Revelations 2 (2015)

Resident Evil Revelations 2 is a game mostly about Claire and Barry who are caught up in some horribly convoluted scheme involving bio-weapons, because what the hell else would they be doing in a Resident Evil game? (Aside from partaking in standard RE dialogue like this….)

This time you are trying to stop the dastardly bio-plot of Wesker’s secret sister. She has apparently developed a T-virus variant that is activated by fear and is also searching for someone who is physically incapable of feeling fear so that she can transfer her mind into that body and get infected with the virus, which will somehow allow her to live forever I guess. Sure, why not.


Luckily, the gameplay more than makes up for the ridiculous plot. Things are pretty similar to the first Revelations, except just about everything is bigger and better, probably mostly since this one wasn’t developed for a handheld system. The combat is much the same, except this time you often are in much bigger areas with a lot more room to maneuver, as opposed to the near-constant tight corridors of the first one.


The co-op system works surprisingly well in single player mode, with your secondary characters, which you can take control of at any time, being just about useless in combat, but having gear/abilities that allows you to find secrets and detect or stun enemies. The levels have some pretty well designed co-op based puzzles too. It seems like it wouldn’t be that great for actual co-op play though. At least not for the person who has to end up playing the helpless secondary characters who are mostly there just to shine a flashlight and hit out of reach switches.


There is quite a lot of content for the price here too. The main campaign is of a pretty decent length for this type of game and there are a ton of secrets, achievements, and separate in-game achievements to be unlocked. There is also a raid mode that can be played single player or online, with a huge amount of levels and even more unlockables that seems like it must extend the game by quite a bit. Like with the last Resident Evil I played though, I found that I just didn’t feel like playing through the game 5 more times just to unlock some more alternate costumes and concept art and etc. I enjoyed the main campaign a lot the first time through so lets just leave it at that until it’s time to play it again someday.


So again, a lot of fun and a lot of content for a non-full-price game. It’s well worth the price even if you only play the main campaign solo. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys Resident Evil and/or horror games in general, except for those “I hate all Resident Evils after the first one!” types. I have nothing to recommend to you except that when the time comes, you slice along, not across. ;D Anyway, I give it 5 Barry? Where’s Barry?s out of 5.


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