2 comments on “Now Reading: Crossed – Wish You Were Here

    • Sure they are. You can argue that a crossed isn’t the same person anymore, that the choice is taken out of their hands by whatever it is that causes the transformation and essentially overwrites the original personality and even compare them to a robot that is programmed to do only evil, and enjoy it, and that they have no other option but to act like that and so they’re only acting in their nature (as you have argued at me several times already in the past!), but they don’t just magically stop being evil just because they didn’t make a clear cut choice between good and evil at some point in their lives. Sure maybe the person who CHOOSES evil instead of being forced into it by a magic plague or an imbalance in their brain chemistry probably wins an extra 100 evil points, but what does that really matter in the end here?

      You can argue about the subjectivity of cultural morality all day, but we’re not talking about stealing loaves of bread to feed your family or killing someone in self defense. There are still acts that simply can’t be defined as anything else but evil. Rape, torture, and murder for no reason other than pleasure? There is no argument that can classify such actions as anything other than evil.

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