3 comments on “Now Reading: Continuity Comics (1984-1994)

  1. Looks like I gotta sell some asses to be able to buy these for myself. I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS BLARRZ

  2. I need to read these. I went through a “Worst of the Grimdark 90’s” streak this year (with a list on RYM upcoming) and got some serious doozies (ever heard of “Psycho-Path: The Ultimate Vigilante?”). I have a couple Continuity books on there, but not this one. Clearly I need to add him.

    • No. *looks it up* That looks a little too EXTREME for me. How do you even find a book like that? It looks like something someone would be selling out of their garage…

      I remember you were all into that Batman Odyssey crap for the laughs back in the day. Was it this bad?

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