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The original line of Valiant comics was one of the best, and also one of the last of the good, things to come out of the 90s. The early stuff in particular was really dark and mature for its time. The latest resurrection of Valiant has fittingly been one of the best new additions to the world of comics. Sure, practically everything is extra grimdark and complex these days, so it doesn’t really stand out in that area, but it does stand out for having some of the most solid and enjoyable books around, by some of the most underrated writers in the business.

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Now Playing: Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection (and more) Part 3

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mgs4coverWelcome to the FUTURE, where the battlefields are full of soldiers full of networked nanites and ID locked weapons and a bunch of mini-Metal Gear drones that sound like angry cows for some reason, all of which are controlled by the same computer system, because what could possibly go wrong with that?

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