Now Playing: Hotline Miami 2 (2015)

Hotline Miami is a game about…Miami, I guess?

I don’t even know. There’s a guy in a chicken mask appearing in peoples dreams telling them to be part of these animal mask vigilante squads who run afoul of the mob and the police and a lot of killing occurs and that’s all I really know. It may or may not stem from some crazed Vietnam vet who flipped out and started wearing animal faces, but that doesn’t really explain all the shared dream communication and etc or if it does, it is never made very clear. This isn’t a game you play for the story though. It’s a game you play for ridiculous violence and 80s-ness.


Been a while since I played the first one. I didn’t remember it being so easy to die. You will start out playing a lot like this.


Until you get the hang of things and learn or re-learn how best to approach enemies and take advantage of the environment and the lock-on system until you’re playing more like this.


and it just goes on like that to varying degrees for the whole game. Sometimes you will be forced to use characters that start with no weapons at all, and one that cannot ever pick up weapons at all, and be thrown up against a building of heavily armed and incredibly aggressive thugs and find yourself a bit frustrated as you try to lure guys with machine guns and heavy trigger fingers around corners so that you can safely punch them to death and other times you will have to use a pair of characters at the same time, one with a chainsaw, the other with a gun, that can be a bit tricky to control simultaneously, but you never lose much progress from dying at least.


The most important thing I learned from this game though, is that it has an awesome soundtrack full of music like this (which you really need to listen to on some good speakers/headphones with some heavy bass):


In fact, upon looking into it, it turns out there is now a whole damn musical genre known as Retrowave, consisting entirely of 80s feeling synth/new wave type instrumental music. It’s fucking amazing and now I know what I’ll be listening to for the next year.

In conclusion: great game, great music, great 80s feeling. Really, what else do you need to know? In fact I’m not even going to bother giving a numerical rating, because who is even reading this site for game reviews so they can decide what games they should buy/play? No one, that’s who. In fact, no one is really reading this site at all so I’m going to just save myself some time and effort and boil it down to simple ratings like…Hotline Miami 2 = GREAT! The end.

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