Now Playing: Technobabylon (2015)

Technobabylon is the latest point and click adventure from Wadjet Eye Games. If you’re not familiar with them, they are THE adventure game company of modern times. Their games are always extremely solid and true to the classic adventure game formula, minus the maddening, absolutely nonsensical and counter-intuitive puzzle solutions of the old days. They were behind great modern day classics like Gemini Rue, Primordia, the Blackwell series, Resonance, and more, and this latest addition to their impressive gaming resume definitely does not disappoint.

Yessssss….this one is all about a not-too-distant cyberpunk future filled with cyberspace addicts, city-controlling AIs, androids, mind hacking, and all that other great stuff.


You will spend most of the game switching back and forth between two seemingly unrelated characters, a cyberspace/hacking addict/prodigy and a science detective with a troubled and questionable past, as both become involved in a strange series of murders, which seems to be just one part of some mysterious larger conspiracy.


One of the more interesting parts of the game is the hacker’s ability to shift into cyberspace at (almost) any time, which can be used to gather info and/or items and solve puzzles. It leads to some very interesting and unique situations that usually involve combining actions back and forth across both worlds.


It’s hard to get into too much detail about the plot without giving things away, and this is the kind of game that is so much better not being spoiled, because it is just such a well written, complex plot that slowly unfolds secret after secret, stringing you along in the best of ways until you finally put all the pieces together to form the satisfying conclusion.


Just know that the plot and the characters are very well written and so are the puzzles. The cyberpunk technology is fascinating and believable, and almost always fits seamlessly and intuitively into your interactions with it and the surrounding world. It’s a great world to be able to explore and be a part of and if you have any interest at all in cyberpunk themes and adventure games, I really don’t see how you could not love this game. Highly enjoyable and memorable, and easily the best of its kind of the year.

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