Now Playing: Trine 3 (2015)

Trine is a side-scrolling (mostly) puzzle platformer where you switch back and forth between 3 characters at will, each with a different set of puzzle solving and enemy smashing skills. Aside from being a super fun series, Trine has also always stood out in terms of visual design. Just look at some of these environments.

They really outdid themselves with the levels on this one, visually speaking. They just kept getting better and better looking, despite not being semi-photorealistic or making my already-too-old-again CPU explode.


The puzzles were mostly nothing new if you’ve played the previous games, yet still somehow manage to be fun and not so difficult as to be frustrating. There is a bit of new thrown in with the addition of a 3rd dimension for you to move in, which is used in a few pretty interesting ways.


For the most part though, it’s just more of the same as the first two games, just even better looking.


There’s combat, but it’s pretty basic button mashing stuff outside of the rare challenge level or boss fight, where you might be forced to make a few tricky maneuvers.


Overall, it was a pure pleasure to play…at least until it was suddenly over. Perhaps you’ve heard about the controversy surrounding the ending of this game? There have apparently been a huge number of complaints about the length of the game and the cliffhanger ending. I didn’t pay it much heed, as they were never long games to begin with and games can have cliffhanger endings and still be complete and good, but once I got to that end, I saw that people did have a point. The shortness I can live with, but the end was even more abrupt than I could have imagined. I wouldn’t even really classify it as a cliffhanger, it just suddenly ends mid-story with no warning and not even a little bit of resolution. The story is that one of the 3 trine artifacts gets destroyed, releasing this big bad villain, so you have to go find the other two to stop him…and you don’t even finish the first of the two. You get 2/3 of the first artifact and your group says something like “only one more piece to go and it’s in the deadly swamp!” and then it just stops. No fight again the big bad villain, no resolution at all, not even a full artifact. It doesn’t feel like a cliffhanger, it feels like the devs hit their deadline and just said “fuck it, ship it”, and it’s a real shame because everything before that point is so very well done. I don’t know. I can see why people are mad about it, and it annoyed me a bit, but it didn’t overcome how fun it was while it lasted. I’d still recommend it to fans of the previous games, but maybe wait until it’s on sale if you want to feel like you got your money’s worth.

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