Pint N’ Play #005

Games played this time:

Virtua Cop 2, Smoking Simulator, Target: Earth, Cybernator

Things I learned since:

It IS possible to finish days in Smoking Simulator…in fact, I kinda want to play it some more now that I know what to do. One of these days. Also, take a look at names of the things in those purchase orders. I didn’t really have time to look while I was trying to rush through them, but looking back on it, there’s some crazy stuff in there.

Target: Earth and Cybernator ARE definitely actually related. They’re part of this whole Assault Suits series apparently and there are 3 more sequels, but none of them were released in the US. I’ll have to look into that…

Now Playing: Stasis (2015)

So Stasis is an isometric sci-fi horror point and click adventure game. That doesn’t really sound like the kind of perspective or genre that would be all that effective in terms of horror, but it really pulls it off. You play a guy who has woken up from…STASIS…and found himself alone in a seemingly empty and mysterious spaceship. You remember going into stasis with the intent of going on vacation to another planet with your wife and child, but they are nowhere to be found and this ship doesn’t look like a very good vacation spot at all. Your mission is to find your family and figure out where the hell you are and what the hell is going on here. The environments and the atmosphere in general are so detailed and alive that it really sells the feeling that you’re all alone and just waiting for some mysterious terrors to come crawling around any given corner.

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Now Reading: Annihilator (2015)

I don’t usually bother to write about such short stories, but this one left such an impression on me that I felt the need to immediately discuss it. Annihilator is a story about a writer, Ray Spass, who is dying of a brain tumor and trying to finish his last and greatest work about a devilish sci-fi anti-hero and deal with his hidden feelings of guilt over his failed relationship. Or…Annihilator is a story about a devilish sci-fi anti-hero, Max Nomax who has beamed his volatile memories into the mind of an Earth writer for safekeeping, as part of his latest mad escape plan. Or..Annihilator is a commentary on the perils of fame and/or the entertainment business, and the nature of life, and…maybe all just a weird sci-fi religious allegory too? Or…Annihilator is a story about all of these things…or none of them? Continue reading