4 comments on “Now Reading: Annihilator (2015)

    • I would have thought he was just going to leave it hanging to add to the general mysteriousness, but apparently…

      “GM: I’ve got a sequel. There’s the idea of the “Devil’s Walk” at the end. Shelley wrote a poem about the “Devil’s Walk” and it’s this idea of a story about the Devil just walking through society and critiquing and satirizing society. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to do a contemporary version of the Devil’s Walk and see what Nomax thinks of our world?” I do have a sequel, but when we’ll get to it I don’t know. Frazer’s probably lying in bed right now with his hand in a bucket of ice.”

      • I’ve been going through this thing lately where… I don’t really want more of things I love. I love the band Royal Trux, they’ve been broken up for fifteen years and now they’re back and… I’m feeling like “Unless you can beat what’s been done, I’d rather you just leave it be.”. I think this might be the case here. This book is just great as it is. Seaguy, on the other hand…

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