Pint N’ Play #006 – Aborted Halloween Special!

This is the semi-failed video from the day before Halloween. I had a perfect night of games all lined up, starting with House of the Dead 1-3. House of the Dead 1 was a pain in the ass to get started. I could only get it to run in a virtual XP box, and even then it wasn’t at its best. House of the Dead 3 somehow didn’t record right and I had to redo it all, because after doing 1 and 2 I didn’t want to just leave 3 out. Next was supposed to be Breakfast At Cemetery, which I’ve played and recorded before, but it didn’t end up recording. The recording didn’t work this time either, for an entirely different reason, and I will probably never play that again (fun game though). Next was going to be Silent Hill: The Arcade Game, which I found out had been ported to PC…except it doesn’t actually work properly for everyone, apparently. Couldn’t get past the first 20 minutes or so without running into an impassable glitch. I’ll try to get it running properly someday, but I sure didn’t feel like spending hours doing that at the time so I just gave up on games for the night at that point. Here is House of the Dead 1-3 though. Don’t want to let that part go to waste.

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