Now Playing: Halo 5 (2015)

I have heard that there is something of an uproar about Halo 5 due to its symptoms of sequel-itis, wherein a game in a series is not exactly like every previous entry of the series and so it must be a bad game (which is exactly the kind of shit I stopped visiting gaming sites over). Ok. I suppose the game has become a little more “mainstream” in design, if you can imagine such a thing being possible about a console FPS series.


The game is possibly slightly more linear than the one before it, though having just played the entire series before this, I can safely say that this has always been a very linear series. There have been times when a Halo game offered you the illusion of openness and exploration, but really you would just wander around finding very little of use and then end up being herded towards the one real direction the game is moving in anyway. This has been streamlined more and more with each entry since the first game, which was definitely the most open to exploration of all, but also one of the least rewarding games to waste time exploring in, as you would just end up wandering around completely empty sections that felt more like unfinished leftovers than secrets to be explored.


Anyway, point is, I guess you could say that Halo 5 has been somewhat Call of Duty-ed. There is more story and more cutscenes than ever before and things do have a little more of a dramatic, cinematic feel to them, and as usual with that sort of thing, it has resulted in a campaign that’s a bit shorter than usual, but really, how does that stop the game from being fun?


The same fun combat is there, with some fun new charge attacks and a dash move, and finally a fucking run button, and movement has been a little more streamlined to make environment navigation flow a little better and it all comes together to make the combat more fluid than ever. To put it simply, it’s a ton of fun to play and a ton of fun to look at with current gen graphics.


The only real downside seems to be that the game suffers slightly from trilogization. You can tell early on that this is a game that’s going to end with a huge cliffhanger and have its story dragged out so it can spread across at least 1-2 more games. You can smell it coming a mile away by the scope of the plot and how slowly it progresses. Which is not to say that the plot is bad, its pretty interesting and compelling, despite the standard Halo shortage of development of most of the characters.


As usual with this series, it ends up raising a lot more questions than it answers in the end. The single player campaign also flies by pretty quickly. It’s definitely a bit shorter than the previous games, but somehow none of that bothered me that much because oh the beautiful carnage of it all…


It was just so damn fun while it lasted. It almost makes me forget that it will probably be another 5 years before the rest of the games in this storyline come out so I can find out what the fuck is going on. Oh wellllllllllllll.

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