Movie Night

Movie Night: My wife and I drink a lot and watch movies all night every Saturday, hence…movie night. NOW YOU KNOW. Anyway, I figured what the hell, I’m checking most of these in on Facebook already anyway, why not make it a thing on here and expand on it slightly. So…

Bloodsucking Pharaohs From Pittsburgh (1991) IMG_0777

Parody of horror movies with a few funny bits but mostly is just bad jokes being delivered by highly uncharismatic and unenthusiastic no-name actors who suck at delivering their lines. Couldn’t finish watching. Didn’t even get far enough to see any damn mummies. Obviously do not recommend.

Sightseers (2012) IMG_0778A very dark and bizarre comedy from English director Ben Wheatley (Kill List, A Field In England). A little slow paced, dry, and surreal, but ultimately satisfying. Sightseers is about a…disturbed couple on vacation getting up to some very odd and awkward adventures that may or may not involve murdering various tourists for the most petty of reasons. This is definitely a keeper.

Halo – Infinity and Halo – NightfallIMG_0779-0 A few webseries’ that fill in some of the oddly large gaps between the plots of Halo 4 and 5 and oddly enough, also set things up for the Halo – Escalation comic. Would have been nice to know about them before playing Halo 5, but oh well. Pretty interesting if you follow the Halo mythology, but probably incomprehensible to anyone else. I was surprised at how good the production quality on Nightfall was, with it being a live action series and all. Also, I had no idea that the guy who played Luke Cage was in this (and apparently that was him in Halo 5 too). I hope they do some more stuff like this to tide me over until Halo 6 comes out…

Nightmares (1983)nightmaresOld-timey horror anthology. Not very good at all. To be honest, I only picked this one up again because of the half-remembered story about a young Emilio Estevez fighting an evil arcade game come to life, but even that part wasn’t as good as I remembered. The other stories are pretty terrible. Turned it off after 3/4 stories. Not even Emilio could save this one.

Deep Dark (2015)deepdarkThis…is a movie about a terrible, struggling artist finding “inspiration” through his unusual relationship with a living hole in the wall of his new apartment. It seemed to mostly be a critique on the modern art industry by means of a strange mix of black comedy and somewhat Cronenberg-ish horror. I feel like it could have used a little more meat to the story in areas, but overall it was impressively well-filmed and acted for such a low budget movie. This was apparently the first full length film by the director, Michael Medaglia, and it was an entertaining enough first attempt that I’m interested to see what he’ll do in the future.

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