Movie Night II: The Sequel

Circle (2015)circle

This was surprisingly good. Ironically, it’s reminiscent of Cube. It’s a super low budget sci-fi movie with a mysterious premise that all takes place in one room. A room where 50 people suddenly wake to find themselves held captive, stuck standing in a strange circle, and quickly find that one of them is automatically executed every minute or two. They quickly realize that they have the option of voting for who dies next and that only one of them is going to live through this so the whole movie is basically just a long conversation about who should live and who should die, which sounds boring in theory, but they actually pull it off really well. The acting and the writing kept me interested the whole time. I recommend checking it out.

From The Dark (2014)fromthedark

Irish vampire movie about a more old-timey type of vampire that is vicious, ugly, and hurt by all forms of light, not just sunlight. Sounded like a good idea, but it didn’t quite work for me. It was alright I guess, but not something I’d ever watch again. Has a tough female lead who makes some smarter than usual horror movie decisions, but I still could never get past the fact that they had lighters and could have just made torches out of everything around them at any given time, yet were always struggling to find light sources and even after discovering and using candles, still never thought HEY MAYBE I SHOULD BURN SOME OF THIS SHIT. I don’t know, it bothered me (obviously).


The Boneyard (1991)boneyard

Now this was a weird one. It starts off with a group of people trapped in an underground morgue complex with three zombie children. The zombie kids were actually amazingly creepy looking (that’s not any of them in the pic above) and this seemed to be a straight up serious horror movie, but then it just went completely nuts with Phyllis Diller being transformed into some kind of giant mutant zombie thing (though she was pretty terrifying even before that) and later her pet poodle gets the same treatment. Very Dead Alive-ish stuff. Utterly over the top and ridiculous looking, yet it was all still played completely seriously. No jokes in sight. Bizarre. I enjoyed it though. It was terrible in all the right ways. I definitely recommend it to the horror nuts watching this (if any?).


The Rift (1990)therift

Another weird one. Easiest way to describe this is as a poor man’s Leviathan. Laughably bad acting and some decent, but goofy effects. It’s definitely not for everyone, but it was good for a laugh.


Full Eclipse (1993)fulleclipse

Mario Van Peebles is a cop turned werewolf vigilante, because of course he is. This would normally seem like a terrible idea, but it was from Anthony Hickox, director of Waxwork 1 and 2, Hellraiser 3, Warlock 2, and etc., so sure let’s give it a shot. Meh. Man, these are some sorry-ass werewolves. They don’t even get hairy, they just get weird klingon foreheads and Wolverine claws. They look more like vampires really. Oh wait, the bad guy DOES turn into a full werewolf in the very end in a shit-tacular display of 90s CGI that ends up looking more like an angry bear. Should have known better than to put my faith in something with Mario Van Peebles. Now we know. Now we know.


The Horror Show a.k.a. House III (1989)The_Horror_Show_poster

Interesting story behind this one. Remember House in the old days and the awful House 2? And then suddenly we all saw House 4 on video store stands, but no one anywhere had ever seen or even heard of there being a House 3? Well this is it, sort of. Apparently this was re-titled as House 3 in other countries for some reason, despite having absolutely nothing to do with the House movies. The actual owners of the House franchise then decided to title their next movie House 4 just in case people somewhere got confused about there being two House 3s I guess, so really House 4 is House 3 and this is something else entirely. Also weird is that this movie is basically the exact same plot as Shocker…except it came out 6 months before Shocker. It’s about as ridiculous as Shocker, though it’s a bit more dark and gruesome. It’s a little hard to take the killer seriously though. His acting is pretty awful and his laugh sounds exactly like Skeletor for some reason. Really, it sounds like they’re using sound samples of actual Skeletor laughs. It’s weird. Despite a few interesting effect pieces though, ultimately it’s just too slow of a movie. Too much build up for only a little bit of payoff in the end, and one that just isn’t good enough. Guess there’s a good reason no one’s ever heard of House 3 after all.

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