Now Reading: Fatale

Most conveniently collected in Fatale - Deluxe Edition Volumes 1 and 2

Most conveniently collected in Fatale – Deluxe Edition Volumes 1 and 2

Can’t really go wrong with Ed Brubaker, especially when he’s teamed up with Sean Philips. This one takes a bit of a departure from their usual noir stories. Well, it’s still basically just another noir story, but this time with a Lovecraftian supernatural horror twist on it. Fatale tells the story of Josephine, a mysterious immortal woman with the power to control the minds of men, whether she wants to or not, and many of the unfortunate men she meets in her long life, while on the run from the evil Cthulhu-cult-type guys that keep chasing after her for reasons unknown.

3 comments on “Now Reading: Fatale

  1. marshottentot says:

    Typically, I love the Brubaker / Philips team. Fatale, however, just doesn’t grab me. I love noir and I love the Cthulhu mythos but… I don’t know, here it just doesn’t seem to really work. Not crazy enough, maybe?

    • Maybe all the switching between time periods and characters? or the fact that there’s no real central hero or likable character to root for, just a bunch of suckers that Josephine is stringing along over the years. It’s kind of reverse noir, which I would think is the point, but I agree that it feels a bit scattered at times. Still like it though.

  2. marshottentot says:

    Maybe – I haven’t read the entire thing. I should.

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