I see a Turok remastered re-release is coming out soon. I’m sure Turok 2 will be close behind. That makes me think back though. Back to a time in the days of old when my old buddy Bazarov, lover of N64 first person shooters at the time, was super excited about the upcoming Turok 2. So much so that he insisted that we all go to Toys R Us so he could try the display demo they had there (how did he even know they had that? how do you hear about something like that?).

Anyway, Bazarov was a member of this black metal band that I used to hang out with. They were all buddies in a band together and I came into the group later and ended up being somewhat of a roadie for them, such as it was. Point being though, we all looked exactly like you would imagine a bunch of young black metal thugs, all covered in leather, spikes, and luxurious locks. So I can only imagine what people must have been thinking as 4 or 5 of us suddenly piled out of Bazarov’s Deicide-blasting van, no doubt followed by a large cloud of weed smoke, and into this bright and shiny Toys R Us. All just to try Turok 2. Not one of our more exciting adventures, but definitely a memorable moment. It’s funny too, because if kids like us did that today they would probably think they were there to mass murder them all and would shoot them preemptively. Funny HAHA.

One thought on “Turok

  1. I know I think of luxurious locks when I think of Turok. Actually, I think of the little spinning resurrection animation and the phrase “I…AM TUROK!”

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