Movie Night IV: Son of Movie Night

Star Wars: A New Hope Despecialized (1977)starwarsMan, I don’t even remember the last time I watched these. Saw them so many times back in the day that I got kind of burnt out on them. If you haven’t heard about these Despecialized versions yet, they’re high end fan edits of the original movies in near high definition, but minus all the fuckin awful special edition additions. These are the highest quality versions of the original unaltered trilogy there are. While the effects in this one are noticeably weaker than the sequels it still holds up pretty well for how old it is. There are some minor issues that is completely forgotten about like Luke being so whiny, Leia having a bad British accent for some reason, and an embarrassingly bad Obi Wan/Vader light saber fight, but it’s still a fun movie overall.


The Empire Strikes Back Despecialized (1980)empireAhhh. Good times. This is still the best of the originals and if I really have to explain why then you’re probably too young to be on this site you fuckin whippersnapper! No, it has the best and highest amount of action that occurs across many different interesting locations, and doesn’t have to waste any time on introductions and setup, that’s why.


Return of the Jedi Despecialized (1983)returnofthejediAnd then there’s this one. The despecialization isn’t quite finished on this one yet so you can still see a few terrible special edition cgi bits here and there, but it’s still an improvement over the full on special edition. I still don’t find the Ewoks that annoying. Nowhere near as bad as a lot of things in the prequels or special edition additions. Man do they spend way too much time just on Endor though. This is the big finale and after the Jabba’s palace part, they pretty much spend the whole rest of the movie just faffing around in the forest. Not enough variety compared to the previous ones. The good final conflict makes up for it somewhat though.


Spaceballs (1987)spaceballsBecause sure, why not watch this next. Haven’t seen this one in quite a while either. Eh. Doesn’t really hold up well at all. You know…some people I know will be upset by this, but I don’t think I really like Mel Brooks. I don’t know. There’s all the awful puns, sight gags, and old Jewish man jokes that seem designed to appeal to the grandparents, but then there’s also all the oddly tame dick and fart jokes for the kids, I guess. Neither end of that spectrum particularly appeals to me anymore. If I want to watch something so screwball, juvenile, and dated, I’d just put on some Looney Tunes or something and skip out on all the grandpa jokes. Insert unpopular opinion puffin here.


Crimson Peak (2015)crimsonpeakKind of a misleading movie. The trailers set this up as a horror movie about ghosts and throughout the movie it tries to keep up this appearance, but it’s made very obvious very early on that the real threat is Tom Hiddleston and sis. It’s really more of a drama/thriller that just happens to have some ghosts in it than a horror. It being a Guillermo Del Toro movie, it’s pretty damn impressive visually, but man I wish he’d just do an actual horror for once. Still, it was a decent movie, despite being so very predictable.


A Film With Me In It (2008)afilmwithmeinitIrish black comedy about a string of accidental deaths starring Dylan Moran. It’s not one of those bursting with laughter type of comedies. It’s more of a low key, chuckle while thinking “that’s odd”, type of film, but whateverrrrrrrr.

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