Now Playing: Ziggurat (2015)

Not usually big into roguelike games, but this one seemed like an interesting mix of Heretic and Painkiller with a kind of World of Warcraft-ish visual style, and it was only sale for only a few bucks so what the hell. It’s pretty fun actually. Very short and actually pretty easy for only having a single life, at least if you’re experienced with first person shooters. Some of the rooms can get pretty nutty.

There are only 5 levels and you can blow through them in under 2 hours, or much less if you don’t explore the entire levels, I guess, but the levels and everything in them randomizes each time you play so you never know what you’ll run into. Different enemy types, different perk cards offered when you level up, different weapons available at different times, different bosses, different room types, different traps, different items and treasure to be found each time, etc etc.

Each time you play you unlock more new perk cards, weapons, items, and possibly characters, if you’ve met certain requirements. It’s not the kind of game you’re probably going to sink a million hours into trying to unlock everything (well I wouldn’t), but it’s a nice game to pick up if you need to do some shootin’ and don’t have time to get into anything too long. And thaaaaat’s about all there is to say about that.

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