Movie Night VI: Movie Night Takes Manhattan

Gravedancers (2006)gravedancersStars off a bit slow but turns into a pretty amusing ghost movie. The effects are pretty reminiscent of poltergeist and house. Gets a little goofy in the end with the giant ghost chase, but enjoyable overall.


Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015)scoutsEh. I don’t know. It’s too tame and juvenile to be scary and it’s not funny enough to be memorable as a comedy. In fact, some of the jokes are pretty damn cringe-worthy. Weirdly seemed like it was aimed at an audience that would be too young to even see it. I’ve seen worse but it never quite rose above mediocrity at best.


Blue Ruin (2013)blueruinFascinating, super tense revenge thriller by the director of Murder Party, Jeremy Saulnier. It was such a simple story when it all comes down to it, but the presentation was so well done, with such a subtly detailed, mysterious, unpredictable, and (relatively) realistic plot that it really stood out from others of its kind. This is definitely a director to keep an eye on.


The Game (1997)thegameClassic David Fincher thriller that I can’t even tell you about because it’s one of THOSE kinds of movies that you should go into knowing nothing to avoid spoiling the twists upon twists. All I’ll say is that the object of the game is to find out what the object of the game is!


Extinction (2015)extinctionMatthew Fox and that guy from Blair Witch 2 star in one of those “it’s not a zombie movie!” zombie movies, as in it’s really just a drama movie. Unfortunately that concept doesn’t work too well when the drama is awful. These two guys live next to each other, but the one refuses to speak to the other over some nonsense that they really should have dropped ages ago when they’re living in fucking frozen zombie wasteland with no other human beings around. It doesn’t help that Blair Witch 2 intensely overacts the shit out of all the many overreaction scenes he has either. And that’s basically the whole movie. Two grown men act like crazy, spoiled children, and “their” kid acts like a standard dumbass horror movie kid that does insanely idiotic things for no reason more than to advance the shitty plot. Also, in the future, the inexplicably frozen climate will cause zombies to “evolve” into non-contagious super-zombies that are blind, but have super hearing, because somehow that’s an advantage to living in an arctic climate? Whatever.

One comment on “Movie Night VI: Movie Night Takes Manhattan

  1. parnakumatic says:

    Blue Ruin was great; it made me so uncomfortably tense, but in a good way.

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