I can’t believe no one thought to make one of these already (at least none that I can find)! I win photoshop today.

Now Playing: Binding of Isaac – Rebirth (2014)

Binding of Isaac – Rebirth is remake/remaster of the previously released regular Binding of Isaac from years earlier, with updated graphics and a ton of extra content added in. Seems like when you hear people talk about all these roguelike games these days, they always mention this one. The theme and visual design always seemed really interesting to me, but the idea of permadeath and replaying a game over and over again really put me off. I even bought the original version on Steam once for a dollar or so a while back and tried it out and it just beat my ass. For some reason trying the newer version on Vita seemed appealing to me though. I had a feeling I would like the look and feel of this game better on a nice portable…and oh boy was I right.


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