Now Reading: Thor (1983-2015) Part 3

Anyway…back to Gillen’s run on Journey Into Mystery.


Most conveniently collected in Journey Into Mystery by Kieron Gillen Complete Collection Volumes 1 and 2

This is the fascinating, funny, and tragic tale of the new kid Loki and how he tries his hardest to be good and escape the long, ugly legacy of his previous incarnation. Even though he was technically still an old character, this new version of Loki had his own new personality that was just so damn charming and interesting and it is an awful shame that he was pushed aside for the old, familiar version of Loki to return (which didn’t even end up happening anyway, really). Young Avengers continued the plot a bit and Al Ewing would later do a version that felt much like a spiritual successor, which I’ll get to in a bit, but still…I miss that nutty kid Loki. This is a must read series for anyone at all interested in Thor (though he doesn’t actually appear much here) and Kieron Gillen. Also included here was the Everything Burns crossover with Thor, which wrapped up both titles so that Thor could be relaunched once again, but at least he was put in good hands again.

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Now Playing: Layers of Fear (2016)

Layers of Fear starts out feeling a lot like a Frictional Games (Amnesia, Soma) game, even using the same basic interface with all the drawer and door pulling and note finding and such, but instead of being chased by monsters in the dark you are faced with an almost constantly changing environment. After a deceptively slow beginning where you just wander around some areas of this house a bit, strange things start happening.

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Movie Night IX: Daylight Savings Strikes Back

Seriously, fuck you daylight savings. Anyway…

Prisoners (2013)prisonersAnother Denis Villeneuve film. This one is a very David Fincher feeling thriller about a kidnapping mystery. Really keeps you guessing. I’m surprised I haven’t heard about this before now, it was really good. Villeneuve is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

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Now Playing: Metal Gear Solid 5 (2015)

So this is what I’ve been playing most of the time for the last near-two months. This is probably the most time I’ve ever spent on a single player game. Even in Elder Scrolls games I don’t usually clock in at much more over 100 hours (not including expansions), and I actually had to cut back on how much stuff I was doing because if I’d kept on going back and doing every single optional objective in main missions, like I’d been doing for the first 10 missions or so, I’d probably be going for another few weeks still.

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Now Reading: Thor (1983-2015) Part 2

So when last we saw Thor, JMS had left him exiled from Asgard, had all the Asgardians move to Latveria with Dr. Doom, and many other assorted dangling plot threads. Amazingly, Kieron Gillen, who was still relatively unknown at the time, appeared out of nowhere and sorted that shit out.


Gillen’s initial Thor run of Thor 604-614 and a few other misc issues, most conveniently collected in the Thor by Kieron Gillen Ultimate Collection

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Movie Night VIII: Movie Night Double Feature

Oops forgot to post the one last week so here’s two…

Come Back To Me (2014)
comebacktomeAt first, and from the description, this seems like just a predictable movie about some weird kid who may be secretly drugging and raping his new neighbor because she reminds him of mom and…actually, no, that’s pretty much it. They add a supernatural twist to switch it up, but other than that it’s exactly what it seems to be. Super predictable, but it was still decent and sufficiently disturbing I guess.

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Which reminds me of another time I got a wrong text. This was from the ancient times before smartphones and fancy things like taking screenshots in-phone. I can’t believe this old phone still works and these were still on there. So…a quick google revealed that this was the physician of the local college hockey team messaging me…


Always seemed so strange to me that even after that weird little exchange, the guy still got back to me at 9:40AM the next day to remind me about that appointment. Man, I wish I could have seen what must have been the most awkward meeting ever when that hockey player got there.