Now Reading: Thor (1983-2015) Part 2

So when last we saw Thor, JMS had left him exiled from Asgard, had all the Asgardians move to Latveria with Dr. Doom, and many other assorted dangling plot threads. Amazingly, Kieron Gillen, who was still relatively unknown at the time, appeared out of nowhere and sorted that shit out.


Gillen’s initial Thor run of Thor 604-614 and a few other misc issues, most conveniently collected in the Thor by Kieron Gillen Ultimate Collection

So Gillen wraps everything up and clears the slate a bit for Thor to have a semi-new start in the post-Siege world, as well as introducing the Disir, one of the most interesting new groups of villains in modern times, and planting the seeds of the fascinating new variation on Loki that would soon appear.

Next, there was a brief run by Matt Fraction to cap off this series of Thor before the next relaunch and etc, but before starting that I would say check out Thor: Ages of Thunder, also by Fraction.agesofthunder

This is an optional little series that doesn’t really quite fit into real continuity so much. It’s some retellings of some actual Norse mythologies involving Thor and is pretty different than the usual superhero Thor, but it’s a great read and does actually give a little bit of backstory on a concept to be used in the beginning of Fraction’s regular run on Thor.

So this is where things probably get slightly confusing for the outsider. Fraction comes in to write The World Eaters (Thor 615-621), but then with 622 the book is renamed to its original title of Journey Into Mystery, given back to Gillen, and is now a book about the new kid Loki (which I’ll get back to in a minute). Meanwhile, Fraction is given a new Thor series starting from #1…


most conveniently blah blah blahed in these here booksesssss

…which is immediately thrown into the latest event, Fear Itself, also by Fraction.


Also see Fear Itself: The Fearless. Good spinoff mini-series.

Fraction’s run is…interesting. It has some great ideas and most of the time, great art too, but it’s very…I don’t know. Popcorn-y? Great story concepts, but not much to them other than Thor punching and yelling “I am…THOR!”-type things. That said, it’s not bad stuff, and it feels satisfying in the end, but it felt like he wasn’t quite putting his best efforts into it.

aaaand now going to break off on this part right here as life-busy-ness and my reading light being suddenly out of action, so you’ll have to read about the rest next time when I can comfortably read my real life books again. SORRY.

2 comments on “Now Reading: Thor (1983-2015) Part 2

  1. marshottentot says:

    That Fraction era costume BLOWS. The under-armor, that Tron piping in that one pic – ugh – what a mess.

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