Movie Night X: The unbelievable tenth occurrence of the night of the watching of videofilms

Down Terrace (2009)downterraceEarly Ben Wheatley film about a family of petty, messed up criminals and the shenanigans they get up to. Dark, twisted, and cleverly awkward, as usual for a Wheatley movie.


Primal Fear (1996)primalfearLaw drama/thriller starring Richard Gere and a very young Edward Norton. Not quite as exciting on a re-watch when you already know the big final twist, but it’s worth seeing at least once.


Super (2010)superA James Gunn film that came out not all that long ago, that went strangely under the radar. Well, it’s not THAT strange upon actually watching it. It’s…kind of a train wreck of a movie. It’s kind of like a slightly more realistic version of Kick-Ass, where the “heroes” are really just severely mentally ill in a kind of disturbing way, yet as depressingly pathetic as the characters are, it’s still played with the weird, contrasting tone of being some kind of charming comedy, and while there are some genuinely funny parts, it’s mostly just some really fucked up, crazy people doing really awkward things, with some surprisingly graphic violence occasionally thrown into the mix. Much like a train wreck though, despite there being several times where I felt like I should just stop looking and move on, I couldn’t help but be fascinated by just how bizarre and fucked up it was, and I wanted to see where the hell it would end up going next. I still don’t know if I really liked it, but it was certainly an experience, so that’s something.


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)kisskissbangbang

Comedy noir story that really surprised me. Great script, very entertaining, fascinatingly flawed, but compelling characters. Good times.


Eliminators (1986)eliminators

Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with me that I sometimes willingly pick a movie like this to watch. I guess I thought it would be funny, as it was the basis for the awful 80s/90s sci-fi vhs epic parody, Manborg, but it was just embarrassingly bad. Some find that level of awfulness funny, but it was too much for me.

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