Now Reading: Thor (1983-2015) Part 3

Anyway…back to Gillen’s run on Journey Into Mystery.


Most conveniently collected in Journey Into Mystery by Kieron Gillen Complete Collection Volumes 1 and 2

This is the fascinating, funny, and tragic tale of the new kid Loki and how he tries his hardest to be good and escape the long, ugly legacy of his previous incarnation. Even though he was technically still an old character, this new version of Loki had his own new personality that was just so damn charming and interesting and it is an awful shame that he was pushed aside for the old, familiar version of Loki to return (which didn’t even end up happening anyway, really). Young Avengers continued the plot a bit and Al Ewing would later do a version that felt much like a spiritual successor, which I’ll get to in a bit, but still…I miss that nutty kid Loki. This is a must read series for anyone at all interested in Thor (though he doesn’t actually appear much here) and Kieron Gillen. Also included here was the Everything Burns crossover with Thor, which wrapped up both titles so that Thor could be relaunched once again, but at least he was put in good hands again.


Most conveniently collected in Thor: God of Thunder volumes 1 and 2

The first part of Jason Aaron’s run, featuring OG Thor, took a very different approach again, feeling more like what I’d call “space Conan”. Thor and his enemies seem more brutal and barbaric than ever, yet Aaron also manages to pack in a lot of character and emotion too, in between the many scenes of over the top violence. It’s almost sad, in a way, that this part of his run ends up being all build-up for someone else to come in and take over as Thor, but the book has continued to be strong enough that I soon forgot all about that. Admittedly, it was a slightly rocky transition from one Thor to the other though.

originalsinThe Original Sin “event” serves as the bridge between the Thor: God of Thunder series and the current series, though Thor actually does very little in it. Still, it’s here that he becomes unworthy of his hammer, through a secret that still hasn’t been revealed to the audience two years later, so it’s pretty relevant. Fortunately, it’s also a pretty fun read in general too. When next we see Thor, his hammer has been picked up by a mysterious lady…

ladythorI can’t imagine that anyone who cares actually still doesn’t know who the new Thor is by now, but I’ll avoid mentioning it anyway just in case (he says, as if people read this shit). Anyway, new Thor had this brief 8 issue series before being interrupted by Secret Wars and being relaunched again, which brings us up to the present day status of Thor. You hear a lot of whining about Thor being a lady now, mostly by ignorant, neckbeard, Odinist-wannabes who don’t actually read comics and act like this is the first time anyone else has ever held Thor’s power while he “took a break”, but luckily no one cares about them and the adventures of the new Thor have proven to be just as entertaining and successful (moreso actually) as the regular Thor was under Aaron.

Oooooone more thing before I go though. Also worth mentioning was Al Ewing’s short-lived Loki: Agent of Asgard.
lokiewingThis picks up the adventures of teen?/young adult?/whatever Loki after Young Avengers and does a pretty impressive job of picking up where Kieron Gillen left off with him. It’s a shame it didn’t last longer, but it was a lot of fun while it lasted and is definitely worth checking out if you’re into that sort of thing. Al Ewing has been doing some great things in general at Marvel lately.

So I guess that about does it for the history of Thor. THE END.

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