Now Playing: Dark Souls 2 – Scholar of the First Sin (2015)

So here we go, Dark Soulin’ again. I hear a lot of bad things about this one, like it “doesn’t count” as a Dark Souls game because it was “only made by the B team at From Software” and blah blah blah. Eh. That’s nonsense. It has its flaws and its certainly no Bloodborne, but it was still a very fun game.

There are plenty of huge, deadly dungeons in great looking environments. Naturally they are packed full of the usual vicious enemies and sadistic traps.

I hear a lot of complaints about the level design in this one, but most of the locations seemed pretty well designed in terms of visuals and challenge.

There are a lot of places to go and a lot of things to do, most of which have their own unique enemies and oddities that kept me pretty damn enthralled.

I played as a sorcerer this time around, which apparently some people consider a “wuss class”, but to you people, we casters feel the same about you warrior types with your giant health bars and super heavy armor and shields, standing there soaking up damage instead of having to dodge all over for your life because your weak ass robe only lets you be hit 1-2 times a lot of the time!

Let’s talk about the downside of the game though. The bosses. Most of the bosses were not that great. Oh sure they looked nice sometimes. Just look at this guy and imagine how imposing and nasty he must be?

No, not really. What really happens in that boss fight, and almost every other non-expansion boss fight in the game, is he just slowly lumbers around the room, taking 2-3 big swings at you when he gets close enough, then you dodge and get your hit in, then start backing away again and repeat, and that’s the whole fight.

Not only that but probably 75% of the bosses are also just large humanoids in armor that follow this same pattern. It can get pretty bland. There are also pathetically easy bosses like this guy:

The only difficult bosses to be found were the expansion ones, some of which were really fucking nasty. Much more like the types of bosses seen in Dark Souls 1 or Bloodborne.

Some were so bad that I couldn’t even beat them alone. Had to resort to bringing in some npc buddies to keep the boss from having his attention on me 100% of the time.

All in all though it was a very fun game that consumed me much like Bloodborne and Dark Souls 1 did. I can’t tell if I’m getting that much better at these games or if this was just the easiest one so far, but I do know I still enjoy the hell out of them and I am really looking forward to 3 now (though it’s going to have to wait until after Dooooooom!)

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