Now Reading: Marvel Frontier Comics: The Complete Collection


Frontier Comics was a very short-lived sub-imprint of a sub-imprint of Marvel back in the 90s. It was a mature-readers-only branch off of the good old Marvel UK line and was totally not a response to the Vertigo comics line, which started that same year. I think the old Marvel UK stuff was some excellent, underrated stuff for the most part and I thought I remembered these books being good too, but I guess I misremembered a bit. The stories collected here (Children of the Voyager, Dances With Demons, Mortigan Goth: Immortalis, and Bloodseed) were decent enough, but they all suffer from the feeling of being failed pilots to what were supposed to have been ongoing stories. They’re all origin stories that set a lot of things up and don’t resolve much of anything and even worse, the endings all feel really rushed and incomplete, which would make sense if these had all been ongoing series that were quickly canceled mid-story, but they weren’t. They were all limited series so you’d think they’d have more solid endings even if they were only meant as the beginnings to bigger things. It’s just too scattered and incomplete to be enjoyable for me. Next time I’ll just stick to the regular Marvel UK books.

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