Now Playing: Shadow Warrior (2013)

Played this a few years ago on PC already, but grabbed it again on PS4 a while back for $3 because why not. So, the new version of Shadow Warrior is a lot like the old one. Action packed, hyper-violent, full of horrible jokes, and entirely focused on pretty straightforward old school FPS combat.

There are some noticeable differences though. As bad as the jokes were in the original, they were the kind of juvenile, goofy jokes that at least got a chuckle out of you for how ridiculous they were. The humor in this one just never feels right. It tries to be stupid and offensive, but feels afraid to go too far in order to avoid being semi-racist like the original and genuinely offending modern day softies. The result is basically just some tame and tired dick jokes that we’ve all heard a million times before.

This is not really that important though. The game is plenty of fun even if the jokes fall flat. Combat is fast paced and heavy with enemies, with waves of monsters the size of which fall somewhere in between your standard shooter and a Serious Sam type game.

Oddly enough, I found it easier to just use my sword most of the time, only resorting to guns in emergencies when extra tough enemies appear or I found myself too outnumbered. Not that the guns were bad. They were nice looking/feeling and effective, but it always seemed better to just save the ammo and use the surprisingly effective, and extremely gore inducing, sword instead.

While there was a ton of variety in weapons though, the enemy and level variety felt a little short and the game felt a little overly long because of it. As great looking as both the monsters and environments were, you’ve already seen it all many times over hours before the end and the last few chapters, before the final one in the shadow realm, were basically just replaying the same few chapters twice. The games 3 bosses were also basically the same fight every time. Giant guy with glowing armor pieces appears. Shoot the armor piece until it exposes his soft bit then shoot the soft bits until he dies. Exact same thing every time.

Despite those flaws though, it was overall a pretty fun game for fans of old timey shooters and it looks like they’re going to make some improvements in the sequel so I’m looking forward to that.

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