Now Playing: Strife – Veteran Edition (1996/2014)

Strife is possibly the most underrated old-timey FPS of all. Coming out in 1996, using a heavily modified Doom engine, Strife did its best to be a Deus Ex type game almost 5 years before Deus Ex came out. It had a comic book-ish story…

…involving a mysterious evil empire of weird cyber-soldiers who are secretly the tools of weird cult aliens that can only be defeated by stealing and re-assembling their super powerful alien artifact, the sigil (which seems remarkably similar to Marvel’s Zodiac Key…).

It also has the most RPG elements ever seen in an FPS at the time (though 1995’s Cybermage was pretty close). There were characters you could talk to, quests you could take, shops, and even story-based choices to be made. To be fair though, most of these only offered an illusion of being semi-open-world and your choices mattering. While a little ahead of the Doom clones of its time, it was still really mostly linear, despite its hub based level system.

There was plenty of great action to go around though. You start out pretty weak, with only a measly knife and a crossbow with only a few shots, but as was the way with old-timey FPS’s you quickly end up with an impossibly large arsenal of weapons in your pocket and plenty of strange and interesting enemies to use them all on.

Now the “Veteran Edition” is a fully remastered re-release of the original and Night Dive Studios did a pretty impressive job of it, I think. Everything looks nice and sharp and a few new visual effect touches and a new level were added into the mix.

Overall this is the best version available of one of the greatest and most overlooked classic FPS’s of the olden days. So fuckin’ PLAY IT!

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