Now Playing: Doom (2016)


So…it’s every bit as good as it looked. The graphics are absolutely insane and the combat is too. There are also a surprising amount of secrets, challenges, and weapon and armor upgrades for you to find and/or conquer along the way too, which adds a little depth in between all the explodeys.

Battles flow impressively well as you mow down waves of enemies with your delightfully unrealistic amount of guns and dance around in the literal geysers of blood and guts bursting out of just about everything around you.

Combat is a little like Bloodborne in the sense that you want to be constantly moving and attacking and are rewarded for being more aggressive in battle. Enemies can kill you very quickly if you get surrounded so you need to be trying to perform as many finishing moves as possible to make them drop little bits of health to sustain yourself through some pretty vicious waves of death.

The game was actually pretty easy in the first 1/3 or so, but after that point the enemies start getting a lot more aggressive and tough and you really have to fight hard to survive some encounters.

Then after the 2/3 mark you finally start coming up against some insane bosses.

I’m still just in awe that this is actual gameplay. It’s fucking ridiculous how good this game looks and how well it runs while looking this good (on PS4. My PC right now would roll over and die if I tried to run this on it).

Anyway, while this is essentially just another remake of the original Doom, that is not something I have a problem with and I can’t imagine how someone who loved the originals could not also love this. It’s everything everyone loved about the original Doom and more, and I think there might be something seriously wrong with people who claim to like Doom or horror games in general, yet somehow have a problem with this version, but who cares about them anyway? Just give me a sequel or two and for fuck’s sake give us a new Quake game like this pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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