Now Playing: Severed (2016)


Severed is a Vita exclusive game, which is very exciting for the 10 people who own a Vita. It was made by DrinkBox Studios, makers of Guacamelee, which you might have guessed from the visual style.

Severed is a first person, tile based dungeon explorer with touchscreen combat that involves dismembering your enemies to use their bits to upgrade your abilities, because of course it is.


Like Guacamelee, it is a pretty short game. Took under 8 hours to 100%. Also like Guacamelee though, it’s more complex than it looks and is ridiculously fun and hard to put down. I ended up plowing through 5-6 hours of it in one sitting. If you’re into such things and you are one of the other 9 people that own a Vita, it’s definitely worth getting.

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