Now Playing: Dark Souls 3 (2016)

And so ends the Dark Souls series. I’ve heard a lot of people on the old internet say that this was the easiest Dark Souls yet, and I have to say, I think those people are kind of crazy.

Dark Souls 2 was way easier than this. 3 is absolutely more vicious, with the return of a lot of really nasty status effect inducing environments and enemies and many deadly bosses that have much more complex attack patterns than all the “just run around in a circle for the whole fight” idiot bosses of 2.

The amount of souls you get is drastically dropped from 2 too. By the end of 2 I was at around level 220. My stats were so high I wasn’t really even gaining anything from leveling up anymore. I was under 110 by the end of 3.

Anyway, as usual, this game was a whole lot of fun. Sometimes it could be a piercing, ulcer-inducing kind of fun, but more often than not, it was just fun. While it was tougher than 2, it was still not as bad as 1, with its many cheap, instant death scenarios.

I suppose it’s still not quite over for Dark Souls yet though, is it? There will still be a few ultra-hard expansions to come before the series is truly over. I only hope that From Software will keep doing some games like this in the future. Sadly, they say that there won’t be any more Dark Souls or Bloodborne games, that they want to focus on new IPs. Hopefully whatever it is will at least still be horror-themed, but we’ll see. I guess I’ll have to finally go back and play Demon’s Souls if I want to get another Souls fix.

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