Now Playing: Zombie Night Terror (2016)

As the devs openly admit in their marketing of this game, it is basically Lemmings, but with zombies, done in a pixel art style and with a nice retrowave soundtrack.

The game starts off simply enough, with interesting, but pretty easy puzzles and challenges involving you herding and altering your zombies to meet your goal (As is the Lemmings style, herding and altering are your only options for getting your creatures to do what you want, you can’t control any of them directly).

The story is not even worth discussing. It’s awful and the dialogue is just mind-numbingly bad. Sometimes I thought maybe this was intentional, to go along with the black and white B-movie theme, but it wasn’t funny or anything, just really unpleasantly bad, horrible grammar errors and all. Luckily the gameplay was good enough that this didn’t really matter.

The different zombie types and abilities are fun and interesting, and the level and puzzle design is pretty impressive, as you end up having to put together some very intricate systems of different character types working together to get where you need to go. This can get to be a bit much in the later levels though.

You wouldn’t usually expect it from a little minimalist looking indie game like this, but the game actually has a surprising amount of content. 40 levels, each with their own tough challenge objectives, each getting more and more complex the further you get. Some of the challenges in the later half of the game are downright sadistic and you will almost certainly not be able to figure them out without a very thorough guide that shows you what ridiculously precise configurations you need to be using. What started off in the beginning as quick 15-30 minute levels, were now sometimes taking several hours to complete fully. It got pretty damn infuriating.

I stuck with it though and went all the way for 100%, which ended up giving me a game clock time over 20 hours. Pretty good for a little indie game. As nasty as some of those later challenges were, at least they’re over now, and I would probably play this again someday, knowing that I could just play the levels without them next time, because overall it was still a pretty fun game. I just wouldn’t recommend bothering with the challenge objectives unless you’re some kind of masochist.

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