The Vita Report

As in some various Vita stuff over the last few months that I just don’t feel like doing whole individual posts for. Stuff like…


Uuuugh. I tried and tried to like this, but I just kept putting it down and not wanting to pick it back up again. It’s so damn slow paced and the interface is so very awkward. Exploration is in this weird place between top view and isometric, is zoomed in too close, and has no map, so you’re constantly wandering around these identical looking places, constantly manually rotating the camera in 90 degree increments to try to get a good view of things, and mostly just wasting your time as it turns out there’s not much to be found and really nothing of importance to be said by all the people waddling around. Combat is equally clunky and boring. You use a combat system that seems needlessly and ineffectually complicated, which mainly consists of you just button mashing your way through a lot of incredibly repetitive battles. You’re supposed to be able to use different attack combinations with varying effect and the game tells you that you can keep track of experience levels of each combo in your menu, but you go look there and it just lists a bunch of Japanese names with numbers next to them and doesn’t bother to tell you what combo any of them actually are. Maybe I need to go read the manual or something? I don’t care. Bored.


Now this was much better. A fast paced top-down space shooter, with a focus on speed, so much so that it barely even qualifies as a shooter and is kind of more of a puzzle racer really. There’s a lot of boosting and teleporting and complicated level designs that the game rather nicely challenges you to perfect with the highest speed possible. Just a very fun little game with a lot of little secrets and extras to add to the whole package.


There was also a more recent sequel, which added some side scrolling, on-foot levels into the mix. This was also fun and well done, though the side scrolling kind of added to the frustration as much as the fun, as levels would often get much longer and more complicated with all the extra side scrolling parts in the later ones, making replaying them for perfects a bit more aggravating at times. Still…good game overall. I would definitely recommend this series to Vita users out there.


Eh. Couldn’t get into this at all. It just felt like a really boring version of Neverending Nightmares. You wander around your house, turn on lights, try to pass the time until morning by finding items that literally cause time to advance, and…? Nothing, really. There are spooky noises and lights go out. Sometimes a monster comes out looking for you, but they’re so rare and easily avoided that it never feels dangerous. Mostly you just walk around and nothing really happens. Your character randomly babbles a lot of incomprehensible crap at you and you keep waking up to do the same boring shit over and over again. Pass.


A basic, but fun twin stick shooter involving…zombies. You walk around in a bunch of dimly lit locations and…shoot zombies. There’s not really anything else to it. The story might as well not exist. You collect money and upgrade your various weapons in the most basic way possible. Things start off very easily, but you run up against some pretty tough super zombies and large hordes as you get further in. Mindless and simple, but fun.

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