Pint N’ Play #009

Not my favorite episode. Mostly disappointment and frustration due to bad and/or broken games and one insanely difficult one at the end that managed to defeat me. Oh wellllll.

Edit: even worse of an episode, because I have instantly received multiple copyright claims on Youtube over the music in the game Undercover Cops, so I guess no one will actually be watching this until that is resolved by them dropping these claims or me editing those exact 3 minutes or so out so no one can STEAL THE UNDERCOVER COPS SONGS, which must be a big problem overseas, I’m sure. I may just have to avoid playing any more Irem games in these in the future if this is going to be an issue *shrug*. We’ll see.

Edit edit: Victory. Or really, it looks like this whole dispute was just some automatically generated response that no one actually gave a shit about. No one ever replied so I won by default. I guess maybe they win in the end, because if I have to go through this bullshit every time I want to include an Irem game in a video, it’d be easier to just not play them. On the other hand, is it not I who have won? Because honestly, Undercover Cops was a shit game and I’m probably better off not playing more like it.

Games played this time: Gunforce 2, Undercover Cops, Ikari Warriors, Victory Road (Ikari Warriors 2), and X-Multiply.

3 comments on “Pint N’ Play #009

  1. Damn, already stripped from online due to copywrite issues with Victor Entertainment. Booo!

  2. Martel major captin ASS in the biggest metal slug simulator I have seen yet to date. Sentient “gullblatter” lol!

    Undercover Cops, with that Flame gal with her excessive hatred for EVIL!!”Fatso” cries a lot WTF. First transgender enemy. lol. Its a West Side Story based games! If they are undercover, why is everyone attacking you? Thanks STEVE DREW AND MAX!

    On easy and its still seeming like a complete struggle, they should have named it “SNK Taking Quarters Warriors”! I laughed out loud when you thought you could enter the helicopter. Lol.

    I think you should play Bloody Wolf for TG16 as I loved it and it seemed to me a bit like an Ikari Warriors and Rambo First Blood Part II (SMS love).

    Ikari Warriors 2 made me think of Star Force with the blocks you can now blow up. Come on, lets fight in the Victory Glory hole! In the hole, it makes me feel like im watching Virtual Boy footage!

    Its a weird bat with lady legs! The last ten minutes was really hard to watch and I felt like you needed a couple more beers to enhance your playing abilities!

    And about the copyright issue, Nintendo are total bastards about that too 😛

    Looking forward to Pint N’ Play 10!

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