The Vita Report


First time (successfully) playing an Oddworld game. It was pretty fun. The way you could keep missing prisoners, who would all die if you moved on without them, always put me off in the past. I never knew about those little trap doors, or that there were some pits you could jump down into for secret areas instead of instant death, or that you can use your chant to possess enemies, which the game waits way too long to tell you about for some reason. Yeah, things could have been explained a little better and this particular version of the game is a bit glitchy (many glitches, freezes, and the weird inability to use any of the other usually acceptable programs while it was in use), but still mostly good in that Out Of This World kind of way.


Had already played this on PC before, but, like with most Vita games I have, it was on sale for only $2 or something so I thought “why the hell not?”. Basically Grand Theft Auto in NES form. Many missions and challenges, non-stop beating you over the head with 80s references, and a great chiptune soundtrack including the awesome Jake Kaufman. Well worth playing again.


A recent free PS Plus game. They sure don’t like to give out good free Vita games, do they? This was some kind of unpleasant mash-up of Limbo and Flappy Bird. You just tap one button and move forward…and that’s about it. Some timing is required to make it through some spots, but more often I found myself being killed by the screen scrolling off without me. No, this isn’t one of those games where the screen is constantly scrolling and you have to race to keep ahead of it, it’s just that if you start moving fast and then slow down the screen keeps scrolling at the fast speed you were going for a second or two and likes to push you off the edge, killing you. What a wonderful design decision. Pass.


Yet another 80s themed game. It’s almost like I have some kind of 80s fixation or something. WEIRD. Anyway, similar to Retro City Rampage, this game featured a lot of fun content, a shitload of amusing 80s references, and some pretty good music. Apparently it originally released in episodic chunks though, and doesn’t seem to actually be finished yet. Looks like there was supposed to be one more episode to go, but there doesn’t seem to be any word if that’s something that’s ever actually going to happen or not. It’s not some super deep story that you’ll die without knowing the conclusion to, but it would be nice to have it all, especially after fighting the two secret bosses to get two of three pieces to the secret ultimate weapon, only to find that the third piece doesn’t actually exist yet. Wah wahhhhh.


An old, hidden gem from From Software that I’d never heard of before. Echo Night is a first person adventure game that is also part survival horror. Your father has disappeared and you go to his house to investigate, only to find yourself sucked into a painting, so now you’re on some ghost ship full of ghosts. Some of the ghosts want to kill you and can only be stopped by turning on the lights and/or finding some special unique item to placate them with. Others want to give/receive help, usually in the form of sending you to another weird ghost and/or painting realm inside the weird painting ghost realm you’re already in. There’s also some time travel and altering of the past involved. Fucking weird game. I liked it though. I’ll have to check out the sequels someday.


Finally, one more free PS Plus game from a while back. This one is, as I believe they say, “for the weebs”. It’s some kind of JRPG that reeks of the kind of shitty young viewers anime you might see on Cartoon Network after school (if they still do that sort of thing. I don’t know, I’m fuckin’ old). Could not get past the prologue stage before turning it off in disgust. MAYBE NEXT MONTH, PS PLUS! (Still worth it though, with how many dollars I’ve saved on all the good games I’ve gotten on here)

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