Now Playing: Risk of Rain (2013)

This has been the most fun roguelike I’ve played since Binding of Isaac (though I admit, my experience with these games is still limited). It doesn’t have anywhere near as much content as Isaac, but it makes up for it partially by having such varied abilities for all the different classes.


The characters in Binding of Isaac were mostly all the same except for a minor built-in ability or two, but in Risk of Rain each of the 12 characters has a completely different set of abilities, meaning you need to play very differently for each one. It took me about 10 failed runs before I got into the rhythm of the game and it became semi-easy after that for the most part. I mean you still had to fight like crazy to make it all the way through, but I didn’t do too much dying after that (at least not until much later, when trying to get the final secret artifact and get enough monster logs to unlock the final character…).

Anyway, in Risk of Rain you get dropped in levels and have to find the randomly placed teleporter to escape each one, with monsters constantly spawning until you do. When you activate the teleporter though, it takes 90 seconds to warm up, so naturally that’s when the monsters suddenly start spawning heavily, including a boss, until the timer runs out. The first 4/6 levels are randomly selected and so are all of the teleporter locations each time. On top of this, the difficulty level of the game raises a notch every few minutes (how many minutes depends on your initial difficulty selection), so there’s very little time to spare to be lounging around grinding to raise your level and finding more gear. Once you get in that rhythm though, you’ll learn the best timing, and what the best items to get are, and you’ll be plowing through all those enemies with style in no time. 2016-10-01-005744

The combat is fast-paced and fun, there isn’t a Binding of Isaac amount of content, but there’s still quite a lot to do, and it has some great music too. Definitely a game worth checking out for those who like a challenge, especially with how cheap you can get it for these days.

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