Now Playing: VR Worlds (2016)

VR Worlds is basically a collection of tech demos, showcasing what Playstation VR is capable of. These are all very short, very limited games, but the majority of them were actually surprisingly fun and well made.

First there is Scavenger’s Odyssey, which is a space shooter that had a kind of Metroid Prime feel to it. It’s only about 2 hours long, but it’s ridiculously fun and nice looking while it lasts. The end sets things up for some kind of sequel. I’d buy it.

Next was The London Heist. This one was more of an interactive movie. Minimal interaction most of the time, but some really great looking environments. There are only 2 shooting sections of the game, but again, they are incredibly fun and well produced. This one only clocked in at about 1 hour, but there is a shooting gallery bonus game with multiple levels that adds a bit more time to this. This one required dual motion controllers so I didn’t think to stop and take any video clips. Wah wah.

After that was Dangerball. This one really surprised me. It’s basically just an enhanced version of pong, played from first person perspective, but it got surprisingly challenging and ended up being a lot of fun, though a little frustrating at times. Tournament mode puts you up against 6 different opponents, each with a different special power. Most of them aren’t super difficult, but there are a couple nasty ones that make winning the tournament a lot harder than you’d think. I think I actually liked the graphics and environment the most in this one. It’s all very Tron/Johnny Mnemonic in cyberspace looking. It just looks amazing in VR. Gives you a little bit of a workout too with all the furious head thrusting you’ll end up having to do to beat some of these guys.

The last two I didn’t find all that exciting. Ocean Descent has 3 levels of you going deep underwater in a cage. You don’t actually do anything, just look around and watch various sea creatures run around, with some scripted events here and there. Looks great, but too passive to keep my interest. The last one was VR Luge, where you’re just rolling down roads on a board, racing against time and fighting against the questionable controls involved in steering a moving “vehicle” using nothing but your head turning. Again, nice looking, but too simple to be at all compelling.

The 3 games that were good were really good though. They make great use of the VR tech and make this little collection worthwhile. I’ll definitely play them again someday and would be pretty interested in sequels/full versions of them.

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