Now Playing: Outlast (2013)

Already played this before on PC back when it came out, but I played that Outlast 2 demo a while ago and then 1 was in yet another Sony sale for just a few bucks so I thought what the hell.

Outlast is one of those Amnesia-style run and hide games where there is no combat, just tons of creepy atmosphere and an interesting story.

Some say these games aren’t “true horror”, but those are the same kind of closed minded, degenerate fanboy assholes who think nothing after the original Resident Evil 1 counts as horror, so their opinions don’t mean a whole lot.

Yes, this game has a lot of jump scares and shock value gross-out moments, but that’s all just part of the revoltingly uncomfortable atmosphere that makes the game so effective.

Go ahead. Play this game in absolute darkness, with headphones on, and try to tell me you didn’t jump one single time…and I’ll tell you to shut the fuck up because you’re a lying sack of shit.

That’s about all there is to say about the game. You either like this kind of game or you don’t, and you are actually allowed to like both horror games with combat AND horror games without combat no matter what any slimy piece of shit with the phrase “true horror” in their vocabulary, says or thinks.

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