Now Playing: Call Of Duty – Infinite Warfare (2016)

Yep. It’s time for another yearly entry in the Call of Duty series…and nope, I’m not one bit tired of it!

Another futuristic sci-fi Call of Duty to make all the kids who never heard of the series before Modern Warfare all butthurt again! Hooray!

Yes, the game kind of steals some moves from Titanfall and the last few Call of Duty games, but there’s also a shitload of amazing looking spacefighter combat.

The story and characters are also not quite as interesting as the previous entry, Black Ops 3, but oh my god THE SPACE COMBAT! SO MUCH SPACE COMBAT!

The single player campaign (which is all I care about) lasts a good deal longer again too. With all the optional missions included, I put in about 9 hours. That’s surprisingly long for a Call of Duty single player campaign.

Personally, I would probably buy these kind of sci-fi Call of Duty games forever, because I love this shit, and this latest entry is just as well produced and packed full of insane, explosive action setpieces as usual.

I kind of get the feeling they’re finally going to move away from the futuristic stuff though, since so many people are genuinely upset about it this time. Looks like the sales of Infinite Warfare really are turning out to be pretty low compared to previous CODs. Oh well.

I imagine they’ll probably go back to historical conflicts again to compete with the new popularity of Battlefield 1, then all the kids will whine about how Call of Duty is just ripping off Battlefield and they won’t even see the stupid fucking irony in that, but I won’t care about any of that as long as they just continue making the awesome single player campaigns the Call of Duty name is so justifiably well known for.

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