Now Playing: Dishonored 2 (2016)

Dishonored 2 is a game about becoming DISHONORED and having to reclaim your kingdom by being a stealthy thief and/or assassin, but I like to think of it as a wonderful little stabbing simulator where you can be a complete fucking psychopath, yet still be the hero, and oh boy do I love when games let me do that.

The game kind of hints that you should really be doing everything super stealthily and with little to no deaths if you really want the best ending possible, but oh my god I just can’t stop stabbing everyone! It’s just so fun to stab everyone in this game! Especially when you have nutty powers like Domino, that links people together so if one dies they all die in the same way, and Shadow Kill, which makes people dissolve into ash when you kill them so there are no pesky bodies lying around to be discovered.

Then there are the primary targets, which you can use convoluted methods of non-lethal subjugation on, but WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO WHEN YOU CAN STAB THEM IN THE FACE?

Naturally, along the way you will be breaking into and looting every damn thing in sight and maybe even ripping off and/or killing the black market shops along the way. And you know…sometimes civilians get a little mouthy and/or start screaming in alarm if they see something they shouldn’t so, well…they just need some stabbing.

Just like with the first game, there are a ridiculous amount of secrets to find and an impressive number of possible paths/solutions to just about any given situation. It’s a great level of freedom to have and it’s so very fun to improvise my way through saving my kingdom while also secretly being a serial killer of royal guards. Really, the game even started having newspapers lying around talking about how a mysterious guard serial killer was on the loose. That is delightful.

I guess my only complaint is that you only get to use that awesome time travel artifact for one level. I mean, I can understand why they couldn’t use that mechanic for the whole game (maybe next time?), as it would require a massive amount of multiple layers and branching paths to everything, as well as making the stabbing way too easy…but damn was it cool while it lasted.

There’s also the fact that you can choose between Corvo, from the first one, or his daughter Emily, each with their own different powers, so that will maybe be a little extra incentive to play this all over again with Corvo, on a difficult no-murder run, but that’s something for another time. I have way too many other new games to play to drop another 25 hours into this right now, as great as it was.

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