Now Playing: Resident Evil 0 (2002)

Replaying a few classic Resident Evils lately since 7 is just around the corner now. First being the recent re-release of zerooooooooooooo.

Zero is much like any other pre-4 game in the series except for one little thing: the weird “co-op” system. You can’t actually play co-op, but instead play as both Rebecca and Billy and can switch between them at almost any time and set one or the other to defend you and stuff. This sounds like a good idea, but really doesn’t have much use outside of all the puzzles designed specifically for more than one character. In fact, they had to cut out the item box system just to accommodate for the new “co-op” bits, because both of you being able to grab anything you want out of the magical teleporting item boxes would break all the forced “co-op” puzzles and areas. Now instead of the item box you can just drop and pick things up anywhere you want, which seems nice until you progress a little and find out that you can only drop so many items in a room (and it’s a different, invisible number for each room), making organizing and keeping track of items harder than it has to be.

Then there’s that moment when you realize “oh shit. I’m going to have to run all the way back to that room (or rooms) in the previous building if I want any of the many weapons, ammo packs, health items, and other various items I left back there because two characters’ personal inventories are not even close to being able to handle the amount of stuff you need to pick up in this game.” You’ll have to keep repeating this process every time you go to a new area too. Even if you leave all the health items and other non-essentials behind, you’re still not going to have room for any extra guns and ammo unless you do a supply transplant run every time. It actually gets pretty damn tedious and annoying.

Still…it’s a pretty solid Resident Evil game anyway.

Also this latest re-release has apparently added “Wesker Mode”, where you can play through the game as Wesker and evil Rebecca and Wesker has special Wesker powers like a dash move and magic head-exploding eye beams. Sure, why not.

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