Now Playing: Adam Wolfe (2016)

Having recently acquired a new phone that can actually run apps at tolerable speed and some holiday gift cards, I have apparently jumped back into the wild world of phone gaming, starting with a game I found while looking for good iOS horror games, Adam Wolfe.


Adam Wolfe is part point and click adventure and part hidden object game, apparently. I have never had any interest in those kinds of games, and I still don’t have any in ones that are entirely made up of hidden object pixel hunts, but this was a surprisingly enjoyable mixture.


There are a lot of puzzles and mini-games and typical point and click adventure ridiculously convoluted solutions to problems. Everything is done in a weird kind of semi-animated painted style that usually doesn’t look that good on a game, but the art is actually really good and surprisingly dark-themed, so it works pretty well here.


I liked it so much that I went and checked out the developers, Mad Head Games, to see if they had any other similar games I could, and they did. They also have a terrible mess of a cross-platform release history. Example: another series of theirs Dark Realm has its first game on iphone, ipad, and pc/mac, but Dark Realm 2 is only on ipad and pc/mac, and Dark Realm 3 is only on pc/mac. What kind of ridiculous way to release games is that? Make up your minds!


I’m not really in a big hurry to rush and play these games on my PC. They’re much better suited to a portable, touchscreen interface. Oh well. I’d check out a sequel to Adam Wolfe someday, assuming it releases on a platform I actually have…


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