Now Playing: Resident Evil 5 (2009)

The countdown to Resident Evil 7 continues with Resident Evil 5. This one gets a lot of shit for being “too actiony”, and that’s fucking ridiculous.

Oh no! Large, tense waves of deadly enemies and a ridiculous number of huge, crazy looking boss monsters! Sounds miserable!

I don’t know why action is supposedly not allowed in horror games. People say it’s because a lot of weapons and action makes a game less scary, and maybe they even have a point in a way, but let’s be honest here, Resident Evil has NEVER been scary. Ever. Sorry, it’s true. The original games had a few jump scares at most, but that’s it.

You could maybe argue that the very first game was something resembling scary and that the increased difficulty added to that feeling, but no game in the series has been like that since, so I think it’s about time to get the fuck over it. Resident Evil has always been at it’s best when you were exploding zombie heads with your shotgun and fighting crazy mutating boss monsters and this game has more of that than ever.

You get to fight your way through an impressive variety of locations, fighting angry, aggressive monsters that don’t just waddle around while you run past them and fight glorious boss fight after glorious boss fight. Yes your AI partner is not the brightest ever, but it’s not so bad as to detract from the experience and at least it’s got a better inventory system than zero did.

For all the whining about modern Resident Evil games, this one still holds up amazingly well anyway. It was ridiculously fun and I played it until my eyes burned! My only complaint is that this one finally kills off Wesker. I mean, we all knew it had to happen someday, but still…WESKERRRRRRRRRRRRR!

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