Now Playing: Resident Evil 6 (2012)

Resident Evil 6 is kind of the ultimate culmination of all the games that came before it, packing in most of the major characters, several new ones, and various familiar and new types of monsters of all shapes and sizes, all in a lengthy, globe-spanning game made up of four inter-connecting campaigns. Eh, it’s got action in it though, so clearly IT SUCKS, BRO!

Just kidding, it’s great. Yes it has more fast-paced action and scripted events than ever before, but it’s still a highly entertaining, well produced adventure that took the next, inevitable step for B.O.W.s.

First there was a single mansion, then a whole city, then a whole country…what did people think was going to happen next? You know how it is though. Boo hoo there’s action and quicktime events and we don’t like that stuff EVER except when it’s in God of War or The Last Of Us or any other massive hit game that features all the same kind of elements people hate so much about the more modern Resident Evil games!

Yes, at times things tread very close to the interactive movie zone, with some scripted sequences feeling almost like you’re playing Asura’s Wrath (another great, highly underrated Capcom title), but I still get to kill crazy giant monsters and blow the heads off zombies with shotgun blasts, just on a bigger scale, with nicer graphics, so I’m just fine with all this.

It’s almost sad, in a way, that they introduced all these new characters in a way that seemed like it was going to set up a new, younger generation of global B.O.W. killers, only for them all to seemingly get shelved in favor of a completely different direction for 7. As great as 7 looks, I would have liked to see where they were going with the adventures of Wesker Jr. too.

Hopefully Resident Evil 7 will meet a better reception than 6 did, since it seems to be doing it’s best to become something actually resembling scary for the first time ever, which is what everyone claims to be wanting the most out of the series. I’m guessing that people will just end up dumping on it anyway because it won’t seem anywhere near as exciting to all the poor schmucks who can’t afford a VR rig. Oh welllll.

P.S. look at that Resident Evil 6 logo. Doesn’t it look like an anthropomorphic giraffe getting a blowjob? You can’t unsee it now, SUCKER!

One comment on “Now Playing: Resident Evil 6 (2012)

  1. I never finished RE6. The only levels I completed were the Leon ones. For whatever reason, it feels wrong when a RE game has enemies that shoot back at you.

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