Now Playing: Resident Evil 7 (2017)

At last, the time has arrived. Resident Evil 7 is here…and it is everything I hoped it would be (Don’t watch any of these videos if you haven’t played this, cuz I’m going to spoil the shit out of everything).

Let me say first of all: don’t even play this game if you’re not going to play it in VR. Go back to your decrepit shantytown and play tic tac toe with dead birds and used condoms, or whatever it is you poor people do, but don’t waste your time playing this without VR. I am not exaggerating when I say it is a completely different experience.

This is without hyperbole, the most immersive and frightening experience ever (for now)! The atmosphere is amazingly tense and fear-inducing, and while there is unapologetically brutal gore and body horror involved, the game doesn’t rely on them or overuse them to the point of anything feeling like a cheap shock tactic. I am extremely desensitized when it comes to horror fiction and it’s extremely rare for me to actually feel even a little fear from any form of media, but this game…it creeped me the fuck out. I was so into the world and so on edge that a sudden appearance of a loading circle in the dark made me jump. This is the future of horror right here, and it is amazing.

At the same time, tt really does feel like the closest to the original game that the series has been in a long, long time too. Ammo is scarce for most of the game, and so are enemies, but when you do have an encounter, you’ll have to act quickly and aim precisely to survive the vicious, floppy beasts. There are also the Bakers to worry about, who like to subject you to ominous surprise encounters and chase you around over and over again, no matter how many times they seem to die, much like the classics like Mr. X or Nemesis.

but let’s talk about that sweet, sweet VR again. I was a bit worried about what this would be like after having some pretty uncomfortable motion sickness issues with pretty much every earlier first person walking game in VR, but I had no problem with that here, even with some ridiculously long play sessions. The controls work amazingly well in VR too. In fact the aiming is actually way better with VR’s look-to-aim instead of having to use a controller thumbstick. Ok, maybe I exaggerated a little earlier when I said you shouldn’t even bother playing it if not in VR, it’s perfectly playable and enjoyable without it, but holy shit why would you want to? If ever there was a case for the potential for amazing games in VR, this is it.

Really the only bad thing there is to say about it is regarding the price. I paid out the ass for the special collector’s edition, which came with some really nice stuff, but did NOT come with any of pre-order DLC items or a season pass, and on top of that, the first DLC expansion came out exactly ONE WEEK after the game came out. God damn you are some greedy motherfuckers, Capcom…but you know what? It was still totally worth it. Now I gotta go get started on that DLC…

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