Now Playing: Final Fantasy Dimensions (2010)

Final Fantasy Dimensions is a mobile exclusive Final Fantasy game that’s based heavily on the old-timey Final Fantasy games of the NES and SNES days. The similarity to older Final Fantasy games is both the best and worst thing about this game. Yes, the retro look and mechanics and all the references to the old games are nice, but it brings all the old weaknesses with it too.


The combat should look very familiar to anyone who’s played any of those good old FFs. An active time system is used, so you have to be racing to make your selections quickly before the enemy starts slapping you around again, and you better get used to it because you’ll be doing a hell of a lot of it for the surprising 50+ hours it takes to finish this game.


There is a job class system with a lot of customization options and many guest characters that will join your party for a while and serve as an introduction to each new class, so that injects some variety into things, but for the most part you’re just going to be fighting battle after battle after battle, and mostly using the same abilities and tactics every time, except in a few rare situations where weird enemy abilities force you to slightly change your approach. While there isn’t any literal grinding required, it does all begin to feel a bit grindy even though you’re constantly, but insanely slowly, making progress. I can see how this would test the patience of many people, but I didn’t really mind.


The only thing I really had a problem with was the story and the characters. They were all a little too much like the very early FF games, with a pretty generic, minimal plot and characters that are so under-written and one-dimensional that they could barely even be called characters. Honestly, when the big bad guy in the end turned out to “shockingly” have secretly been Elgo all along, I couldn’t even remember who that was. I had to look it up. I guess he was one of those temporary party members wayyyyy back in the beginning of the game? I don’t know, even having just looked him up, I barely remember him and can’t seem to recall a single memorable word or action on his part back then. He was just another formulaic temp guy, there for the ride for a few dungeons, only to disappear or die at the end of the chapter to make room for the next temp guy and never be mentioned again. Oh well.

Overall, I’d still say it was a pretty decent game and it has a ridiculous amount of content for a mobile game. If you want a nice, nostalgic time-waster for your phone that isn’t a shitty free-to-play trap like all those other Final Fantasy games you see on the app store, this is the one to get.

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