Now Playing: Titanfall 2 (2016)

Titanfall 2 is a game about a man and his deep love for his robot death machine.

Your man/machine relationship blossoms throughout the course of some kind of war, the details of which still escape me after two games. There’s the IMF and the GDA or something and one is oppressing the other and I have no idea which is which or why we’re supposed to hate one of them and love the other.

All I know is the guys shooting at me and my robro are the enemy and they all must die…

…and die they do, in a clusterfuck of delightfully colorful explosions perpetrated by a rather enjoyable arsenal of man and robo weapons.

Look, all I know is that despite some lingering flaws with the worldbuilding, the new single player campaign of the Titanfall series is ridiculously fun. The weapons are visually and functionally satisfying, the frantic jump-packing/wall-running combat is pleasantly tight, the visual design and graphics are top notch (especially in full 4K boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee). the level design is outstanding, and you know what…I even grew to feel special feels for my heroic robo-buddy before the end.

It’s a top shelf fps mixed with a top shelf mech combat game AND SO WHAT IF I LIKE TO BE INSIDE A BIG ROBOT MAN WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE ME?

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