Now Playing: Mass Effect – Andromeda (2017)

Mass Effect – Andromeda is terrible! It’s a large-scale RPG with a lot of hype behind it that had a few minor bugs upon release, including some people in the talking scenes having weird facial animations and THAT’S WHY I PLAY VIDEO GAMES FOR THE QUALITY OF THE FACIAL ANIMATIONS! Just kidding I’m not a fucking 12 year old. Game was awesome. SORRY.

I don’t really understand what the big upset is surrounding this game. It had some early glitches (actually much less than Dragon Age – Inquisition did), most of which have already been patched out. Pretty standard stuff for a huge game like this, and this is a huuuuuge game. There are actually very few planets for you to actually, physically explore in the game, considering all the hype about how this was going to be a gigantic whole new universe for you to explore at will, but the planets you do get to go to are fucking enormous.

I’m talking 90+ hours to do absolutely everything there is to do in the game. That’s almost as much time as it takes to clear out the whole first 3 Mass Effects combined. Man, these worlds are beautiful and fun to explore too. There’s just so much to find and do, and it all looks so damned good in 4K, and the relatively minor bugs don’t detract from just how much fun this game is in the slightest. The still-existent problems are so trivial that they’re really not even worth mentioning here.

Maybe people are bothered about the fact that this is basically Dragon Age – Inquisition in space, and it really is, the gameplay formula it follows is almost identical. I just…don’t care. I really liked Inquisition, other than your companions not being the most compelling people in a Bioware game, which I felt Andromeda had also improved on.

Maybe they’re upset that, like Inqusition, the main quest is actually pretty short in comparison to the hordes of sidequests, but…I don’t care. The sidequests were fun and the combat that glues it all together is extremely satisfying. Being a badassed tech-powered sniper just felt so damn good. Sniping guys from afar, then quickly switching to a shotgun when they got close up, or switching out different power sets to set up different explosive combos, was all so smooth, simple, and just plain fun.

Everything about this game, from the exploration to all the furious shooting, just sucked me in from day one and I’ve been compulsively playing it in a way that I don’t think I’ve gotten sucked into a game since Bloodborne. I mean shit, when did this come out, 3 weeks ago? And I already put 90 hours into it? How did I even do that? Good thing spring break was there…

Anyway, I can’t wait to see where this goes next, as this is obviously going to continue into 1-2 more games in the future, each most likely improving on this formula even more (as long as they don’t pull a Dragon Age 2 again). Hurry up and get on that Bioware. I need new worlds to explore and new aliens to fuck!

Short version: If you liked all the other Mass Effect games, you’ll like this one too.

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